David Appleyard

Looking forward to spending some time at the Envato offices in January!

Domain Name Theft

It’s one of those things that you never really even consider possible, until it happens to you. I found out last week that someone had “hijacked” the domain name of one of the sites I manage - Design Shack.

I’ve published a short post that outlines all the details surrounding the situation. Needless to say, it isn’t the most pleasant start to a month filled with festive Christmas cheer!

The All-New Tuts+ Premium


We’ve completely re-launched the Premium version of our Tuts+ blogs with a fresh design, far more content, courses, eBooks, forums, and a much simpler way to navigate your way around all our archived tutorials.

I’m incredibly proud to be a (small) part of the team behind such a fantastic educational resource!

Pretty Little Pixels

Having completed several mini-projects to design a new “blog” for myself online, I’ve come to realise that the motivation boost from launching a design refresh isn’t sufficient to encourage me to get back into writing and linking every day. The surge of new blogging energy usually only lasts a week at most…

Despite this, I still feel that it’s important to have a site online to call my own — something more than just a link to my social media profiles. With that in mind, don’t expect this new blog design to come hand in hand with a flurry of regular posting activity. It might, but it’s an expectation I won’t be placing upon myself.

Let’s see how it goes…

Elizabeth Gilbert on Nurturing Creativity

Although I don’t consider my profession to necessarily centre around creativity in the same way that Elizabeth’s does, I still felt that this video resonated with me. It’s a completely different take on what you might consider “creative block”, and goes a long way toward explaining why the creative profession can be so challenging and frustrating at times.

Watch the Video

And, tomorrow morning, unlike last Saturday morning and countless other days before it, at the crack of 6:00 am Pacific Time, I will be available in my regular crankless bed to ask my daughter whether she had nice sleeps. And I will tell her and my regular wife that I think they’re the Greatest Things in the Universe.

Hands down one of the most heartfelt, inspiring and wonderful things I’ve read. Merlin gets it.